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A Board Certified Minneapolis and Edina Minnesota Plastic Surgeon

American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

Welcome to our site.  We are convinced you will find us to be your smart choice for breast augmentation, breast implants, breast enlargement and tummy tuck surgery.  The efficiency of accredited in-house surgery plus our committment to breast and tummy surgery really means savings of 15% to 30%.  We have 31 year's experience and very good reviews!  (Please go to realself.com)  Many physicians and nurses give us a vote of confidence by choosing us for their surgery.  Take a few minutes to check us out.

There are two steps to using our site.  (1)   First please select your procedure from the blue column on the right side and click on it to read about it in detail.  Most often the price we charge is listed right up near the top. Note the costs of certain procedures and all combined procedures are determined at consultation.   (2)   Secondly go to the blue column on the left side and click on  "Photo Gallery"  to view pre and post op. photos.  

Why choose us?    Because we are  fully trained and have enormous experience.  We are the real thing in nine critical areas:   (1)  9 years of surgery residency training, (not simply family practice) after medical school. 1976 - 1985.  (2)  31years of Plastic Surgery experience since 1985.  (3)  Passed General Surgery boards 1983 and the American Board of Plastic Surgery (current) in 1986.  (4)  We ultra-specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery only.  No trauma or reconstruction.   (5)  We use an In-House Surgery Center Accredited by the AAAASF .   This is recognized as the "gold standard of accreditation" and is supported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.    (6)  We use anesthetist monitored twilight general anesthesia or sedation for patient comfort and surgical efficacy versus just local anesthesia.  (7)  Due to on-site surgery efficiency our patients report significant savings of 15 to 30%  (8)  "Top Surgeon" ranking by the Consumer Research Council of America which is based on education, experience, boards, and membership in medical professional organizations.  (9)  Dr Smith does consultations personally versus using assistant staff.

Free consults with Dr Smith are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Friday mornings.  Thursdays and usually Fridays are reserved for surgery.   We try to schedule for later the morning you call or morning of the next day.  Many clinics charge a non refundable $100.00 or rely on just assistants for consults but we give you a 45 minute physician consultation with Dr Smith.   Consults distant in the future are done by us returning your call closer to the date to confirm and finalize.  Our number is 952-922-0895.  

Proudly for 26 years the practice has been built around our AAAASF accredited on-site Plastic Surgery office OR suite. AAAASF is the "Gold Standard" of accreditation recognized by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Minnesota has only seven of these special plastic surgery centers. Accredited in-office surgery with selected special staff, instruments and equipment gives us necessary tools to provide our best results.


Smith Plastic Surgery Center, Southdale Medical Building, 6545 France South #505, Edina, MN, 55435

Our patients come from distant parts of Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota as well as Minnesota including the Iron Range, Duluth-Superior, St Cloud, Rochester, Albert Lea, Minneapolis, St Paul, Anoka, Woodbury, Maple Grove, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, and Burnesville. Post-surgical accommodations are comfortable and nearby.

Office Hours:

8:00 am - 1:00 pm Monday - Friday
Dr Smith does free personal consultations, always mornings, on a same day or next day schedule. Call 952-922-0895 to schedule your free consultation.


Cosmetic surgery only of the face and body. That is all we do. Keeping a narrow focus helps us give optimal service and deliver great results. Both women and men appreciate the special privacy, simplicity, and ultra specialization our accredited on-site OR provides. We think you will find us good, very experienced, cost effective, and very likely your best option if you are planning a combined procedure, such as tummy tuck with breast implants etc.


The plastic surgeon that nurses and doctors choose for their own procedures.
"It's so gratifying when colleagues in the medical profession have confidence in me and are comfortable coming in for their own plastic surgery. I realize they know every plastic surgeon in the area either personally or by reputation, so when I am their choice, I consider it the ultimate compliment."

- David O. Smith MD, FACS